Mercury (Monster Feelings) 2013 Toronto Fringe Review

While sitting in the George Ignatiff Theatre, I was taken through an exploration of mercury’s various forms, from the planet and the element to the Roman God and the rock star. Everyone has a different notion of what exactly it  is: I thought about the planet while my show buddy thought of Freddy Mercury. The creators of Mercury, Monster Feelings, played with all of these different interpretations. The show consisted of eight different vignettes each dedicated to a different aspect of mercury.

At times these segments’ relationship to the main theme was obvious while at other times it was a bit hazy. For the most part the sections related to each other nicely but there were a few rough transitions, when the dancing broke completely from the tone of the work. Throughout the show there was one constant, one character who was being lead through each of these different interpretations. This nameless character played his part well, being lead and transformed by what he was being shown.

After a slow start I felt like I had been transported to the moon or maybe even to Pluto. With the cool lighting and the quiet sounds the atmosphere was slow and heavy, despite the dancers working their proverbial buns off.

The sound, or lack thereof, made itself felt. There were times when the silence was appropriate. There were times when the only sound was the dancers, their breathing, their voices and the stomping of their feet carrying the show. At other times the muffled beat of a potential pop song just needed to be louder.  Using phrases like “known for being a rock star” and “hail Mercury” I expected a rock experience, loud music, aggressive movement and all.


Mercury is playing at the George Ignatieff Theatre (15 Devonshire Place)


July 03 07:00 PM
July 06 03:30 PM
July 07 06:30 PM
July 10 02:15 PM
July 12 11:00 PM
July 13 02:15 PM
July 14 12:00 PM


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