The Retirement Plan (Certainty Assurance) 2013 Toronto Fringe Review

The Retirement Plan | Toronto Fringe

The Retirement Plan touches on a subject that a lot of will think about, retirement. Playing at St. Valdamir’s Theatre, this is a charming play about a couple deciding how to spend their final years and the consequences of that choice.

The show opened with your typical well tailored overly happy salesman, here dubbed financial planner, about to make a deal with his client. The next step for the plan to work was to convince his wife.

At times the dialogue was a bit too close to home for comfort, but I think that is what made it work in the end. I enjoyed the familiarity of the characters, one sibling with her life seemingly in order and about to get married while the other thinking that 3 weeks is a long term contract.

When the big decision was finally made, I started having fun. Imaging my family in the scenarios being played out on stage, I could not help but laugh thinking that we would be having exactly the same conversations.

Although the play was a little on the long side for me, the audience obviously did not agree with me with chuckles very willingly had for the entirety of the play. It was apparent that there were some opening night jitters, but as with so many fringe productions, these actors will quickly find their characters and become more confident.

Both the director and the Playwright point out the unsettling nature of The Retirement Plan’s theme. How do you prepare for something that has a flexible end date? Although fictitious The Retirement Plan is rooted in issues that are being addressed today, by many Baby Boomers and their families. While the play was a satire I left thinking about my own plans for the future.


The Retirement Plan is playing at the St. Vladimir’s Theatre (620 Bathurst St.)


July 03 10:30 PM
July 05 01:15 PM
July 07 03:30 PM
July 08 08:15 PM
July 09 04:30 PM
July 11 07:00 PM
July 14 04:30 PM


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Image of The Retirement Plan provided by Certainty Assurance.