Everything I Need (rhymes with 7) 2013 Toronto Fringe Review


Dear Devon Hubka,

After watching your one woman show Everything I Need, playing at the Toronto Fringe, I wanted to run across the floor and give you a hug! I saw so much of my own struggles and triumphs in you that I am inspired, reaffirmed and motivated to go after the things I really want.

Seeing all the leading parts given away to other people, you realize that you’re “A princess who could save herself.” Every young girl needs to hear that. And every woman needs to believe it. We’re not alone in our struggles and we have everything we need to succeed. Thank you for showing us that.

The support, love, courage and confidence you draw from your parents is a wonderful ode to them. The part about your Dad slipping the 20 under your door and telling you he’s proud for moving out on your own…gosh how I cried!

My friend Farzana liked that this play isn’t all about a man and the quest for a man. Who hasn’t been in a relationship where two people wanted two different things? One who lets go, because it’s not what she wants, is a smart woman. You talked about the subject with humour and without despair. “Dating is random stories and monologues you tell your friends.” Too funny!

Your voice – girrrrl! You got some serious vocal chops! With a voice like that, ain’t no one gonna rain on your parade! I could not get enough of it, please sing some more showtunes. Also, your minimalist staging with storage boxes is so cute.

Anyone who has tried everything and asks themselves, “What more can I do?” will find so much strength from your show. You show that all you can do is laugh at yourself and with determination, confidence, independence, optimism and vivacity, you can achieve something you’re really proud of.

Your brother’s right, knowing what you want is lucky. When life throws you lemons, I’m glad you didn’t make lemonade, instead you wrote/produced/performed a play and staged it at Fringe. I hope I see more of you.

Best wishes

Masroora Haque


Everything I Need is playing at the Annex Theatre (736 Bathurst St)

Remaining Performances

July 06 9:15 PM
July 07 02:15 PM
July 08 08:30PM
July 11 03:30 PM
July 12 11:30 PM
July 13 04:00 PM


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Photograph of Devon Hubka provided by the company.