Elvis Is Water (Scotty’s Boys Productions) 2013 Toronto Fringe Review


Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis HAS left the building. Sure, he’s not on your playlist on your phone, but The King is in your armrest. Elvis is Water examines the early days of Elvis, when he was just getting started at Sun Studios in Memphis.

Those were incredible times. White people were starting to figure out that black people are cool, and music was unbelievably cool for a decade or fifteen years.

Elvis made that all happen. Elvis brought Johnny Cash into the mainstream. Elvis brought American music to England. John Lennon heard Elvis and picked up a guitar. My man John became more popular than Jesus, but still, Elvis sold more records

To explore that spirit, to enjoy it is a wonderful thing. Those wooden things ringing your dining room so your chairs don’t punch a hole in your drywall? That’s Elvis. Knock on them sometime. They’ll answer back, in Elvis’s voice.

What can you say about this play? I have no idea. I love Elvis. I loved this play. That doesn’t mean that you need to love Elvis in order to love this play.

There’s great music, there’s dialogue, there’s the story of Elvis’ early career, there’s a helluva good time.

Elvis has left the building, but He is still with us. Just listen.


July 04 07:00 PM
July 05 01:15 PM
July 06 10:30 PM
July 08 06:45 PM
July 09 01:15 PM
July 12 11:00 PM
July 14 05:15 PM

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