Peter n’ Chris Explore Their Bodies (Peter n’ Chris) 2013 Toronto Fringe Review

Peter n' Chris Explore Their Bodies

Peter n’ Chris are Chris Wilson and Peter Carlone, a sketch comedy duo from Vancouver and Peter n’ Chris Explore Their Bodies is their latest show. I saw them last year at the Toronto Fringe Festival and was so excited to see them again this year. If you haven’t ever seen them you owe it to yourself to go to their show.

It’s 60 minutes of non-stop energy. They could probably power a small town. I imagine them after the show, collapsed on the floor in the wings, exhausted. There should be another name for what they do. Physical comedy doesn’t do it justice. It’s brilliantly choreographed movement.

In this show Chris is a hypochondriac. In an effort to cure him Peter and Chris go inside Chris’ body. What follows is an hour of brilliant related sketches. They each play two characters. Chris plays The Dark One – the ruler of his body – as well as playing himself and Peter plays himself and The Dark One’s servant (I can’t believe I didn’t write down his name!).

There’s a brilliant fight scene where Chris fights The Dark One. Even though I knew there was only one person I believed that there were two people fighting. When they both move together it’s unbelievable.

Chris is The Chosen One and, according to legend, has come to save his body. To do this he has to fight in The Hungry Games. Once he wins those he has to defeat The Dark One.

I think the reason I like their work so much is that it’s not just physical comedy. The dialogue is fresh and side-splittingly funny. Their timing is perfect. The audience is with them all the way.

If you can’t make it to Peter n’ Chris Explore Their Bodies or if you just want more Peter n’ Chris they’ll be at the Comedy Bar on Thursday July 11th with new material.


  • Peter n’ Chris Explore Their Bodies is playing at George Ignatieff Theatre (15 Devonshire Place)
  • Performance Times:
  • July 09 01:15 PM
  • July 10 11:00 PM
  • July 12 07:00 PM
  • July 13 08:00 PM
  • All individual Fringe tickets are $10 ($5 for FringeKids) at the door (cash only) and go on sale one hour before showtime. 50% of tickets are available in advance and are $11 ($9 + $2 service charge), these can be purchased online at, by phone at 416-966-1062 ext. 1, or in person during the festival at the Festival Box Office in the parking lot behind Honest Ed’s (581 Bloor St W).
  • Value packs  are available if you plan to see at least 5 shows

Please note that there is absolutely no latecomer seating during the Toronto Fringe Festival.

Photo of Peter n’ Chris

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  1. I saw these guys perform this at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival this year. They’re hilarious and amazingly talented!

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