Fringe for Free! Toronto Fringe ticket giveaways for shows playing on Saturday, July 13th

fringe-for-free-contest31The final Saturday of Fringe is one of those days that you know something amazing is going to happen. It’s also one of your last opportunities to catch a show. The downside to this is that some of the best shows will probably already be sold out. It’s As you know from previous years we like to spread the love during Fringe and invite our readers to participate in contests for a pair of FREE Fringe tickets to different shows every day of the festival. So enter a contest and Fringe for Free!  Here are the FIVE shows that are we are giving away tickets for on Saturday, July 13th, 2013.

The shows are: 

MSM – To be entered into the draw for a pair of tickets to the 2:15pm show at Randolph Theatre (Venue 4) please send an email to with the subject line “MSM Contest” by 7pm on Friday, July 12th, 2013.

Everything I Need – To be entered into the draw for a pair of tickets to the 4:00pm show at Annex Theatre (Venue 5) please send an email to with the subject line “Everything I Need Contest” by 7pm on Friday, July 12th, 2013.

KIN – To be entered into the draw for a pair of tickets to the 4:00pm show at Tarragon Mainspace (Venue 1) please send an email to with the subject line “KIN Contest” by 7pm on Friday, July 12th, 2013.

Follow Your Fear – To be entered into the draw for a pair of tickets to the 8:00pm show at Solo Room (Venue 3) please send an email to with the subject line “Follow Your Fear Contest” by 7pm on Friday, July 12th, 2013.

Jesus Jello – To be entered into the draw for a pair of tickets to the 8:00pm show at College Street United Church (Venue 21) please send an email to with the subject line “Jesus Jello Contest” by 7pm on Friday, July 12th, 2013.

See below for details on each show, how the contest works:


From press release:

MSM [men seeking men] is a dance theatre piece inspired by transcripts of online conversations between men who seek other men. Set inside a world of electronic beats where music is the omnipotent power, lemonTree’s Artistic Producer, Indrit Kasapi directs a piece inspired by his own online encounters. He invites DJ Scooter (of New York & Toronto Cub Camp party fame) to spin live at each performance. Through movement, the piece deconstructs online male personas and their personal exchanges with other men.

This piece plays at the Randolph Theatre. Performances: July 12 09:15 PM July 13 02:15 PM

Everything I Need

From press release:

For anyone who ever had a dream that just wouldn’t die.

The Sidekick becomes The Leading Lady she always suspected she was. Devon Hubka throws down on the stage in a One Woman Show about how everything she thought was wrong with her life is actually worth talking about.

Everything I Need is Devon Hubka’s first solo show and her first work as a writer. It’s the show she’s been meaning to write since she moved out of her parents’ house and into the city of Toronto to live her life. Years later, still a virtual unknown in the industry, she’s not letting that stop her now. Everything I Need incorporates stories about how when it seems that nothing has turned out the way it was supposed to be, it really makes for a grand life. (And there’s a little song and dance as well.)

This piece plays at the Annex Theatre. Performances: July 12 11:30 PM July 13 04:00 PM


From press release:

In Anna’s world, punctuation defines everything. A university scholar with few love or career prospects, she is left dangling in her own ellipses.

KIN is the story of Anna’s improbable relationship with Sean, an Irish personal trainer, and their struggle to stay together. Each bound to their extended families, their relationship is told through the lens of others. Over the course of seven years, two continents and several generations, their dots connect – both psychologically and geographically – and an unlikely new family is forged.

This piece plays at the Tarragon Mainspace. Performances: July 12 08:45 PM July 13 04:00 PM

Follow Your Fear

From press release:

As part of the inaugural Follow Your Fear Day, Todd Charron faced his fear by performing a one man Improvised show. The performance received a standing ovation.

Now, as part of Follow Your Fear Day 2013, he is upping the stakes by taking his solo show to the Toronto Fringe Festival.

This piece plays at the Solo Room. Performances: July 12 10:30 PM July 13 08:00 PM

Jesus Jello

From press release:

Jesus Christ! Miles Wilson bumps his head and sees Jesus Christ in his Lemon Lime hospital Jell‐O. This “Miracle” captures the attentions of his bored family, a disenchanted gay couple, an elderly widow. Oh. And God. Was he sent a delicious jiggly message, or is it a concussion? Come decide for yourself over snacks and songs as Zaw Theatre Presents, Jesus Jell‐o. The Miraculous Confection. A dark comedy about faith, hope, and the need for a miracle.

This piece plays at the College Street United Church. Performances: July 12 08:00 PM July 13 08:00 PM July 14 02:00 PM


Contest Rules: 
(these will remain the same for each Fringe contest, so take the time to read the list once and you’ll be set)

  • The only acceptable form of entry for the contest is by email, sent to (Mooney on Theatre will never use your email address for anything other than to reply to the specific contest you entered, and we certainly would never sell it or anything like that)
  • Each show counts as its own contest, and each entry must be in a separate email. So, if 5 shows are giving tickets away on a given day, and you want to try for each of them, then you need to send 5 emails.
  • Entrants must be available on the day and time listed in the contest. The tickets are available for that showing only, and cannot be transferred to another date.
  • The winning entrants will be chosen by a random drawing.
  • Winners will be notified by email by 9pm on the day of contest closing and need to confirm their attendance 10am AT THE LATEST the following morning so that their names can be given to the theatre company for tickets to be set aside.
  • Photo I.D. may be required to claim the winning tickets.
  • Tickets must be picked up 60 to 30 minutes before show time at the venue box office. The box office reserves the right to release any tickets not picked up 15 minutes before show time.
  • We ask that all winners provide us with a quick blurb on what they thought of the show, either in the comments section of the press release on Mooney on Theatre, or if it has already been reviewed by Mooney on Theatre in the comments section of that.