Cheap Theatre for the Week of May 6th

Tired of sitting at your computer, looking at all of your friends’ Facebook posts about their exotic vacations? Well, we can’t really help with that. But with the magic of theatre, we can make you feel like you’ve traveled somewhere interesting for at least a few hours. This week’s Cheap Theatre listings let you visit a number of new worlds, through Japanese folk tales, trips to magical wildernesses and tales told by disabled, sick, deaf, crazy, queer and 2POC artists. You won’t need to shop around for cheap fares, either – every show is $20 or less per ticket. So stop envying your friends’ trips, and come see some Cheap Theatre!


Contractions by Mike Bartlett (Red One Theatre Collective). A ruthless office manager grills an employee about a policy breach in this dark comedy. Opens May 8 and runs to May 25, Thu-Sat 8 pm, Sun 2 pm. $20. The Storefront Theatre, 955 Bloor W.

Crip Your World: An Intergalactic Queer/POC Sick and Disabled Extravaganza (Mayworks). Multidisciplinary performances by disabled, sick, deaf, crazy, queer and 2POC artists including Masti Khor, Rosina Kazi and Askari Gonzalez. May 9 from 7 to 9 pm. $10 or pwyc. Palmerston Library Theatre, 560 Palmerston.

Of Shapes Transformed By Love by Kyle Capstick (Aim for the Tangent Theatre/Newborn Theatre). A night of myths and magic outdoors looks at a world ruled by the wilderness of the heart. Previews May 7. Opens May 8 and runs to May 17, Wed-Sat 9 pm. $20, stu/srs $15, preview pwyc. Majlis Multidisciplinary Art Garden, 163 Walnut.

Paper Song by Jared Matsunaga-Turnbull (Young People’s Theatre/Concrete Theatre). This play for ages 5 and up blends a Japanese folk tale about a crane with the story of a young mouse and her grandfather. Previews Apr 29. Opens Apr 30 and runs to May 11, see website for schedule. $17-$22. Young People’s Theatre, 165 Front E. 416-862-2222,

Snow Bride by David James Brock (Romantic Animal Theatre Posse). Alone on the night before her wedding, a cocaine addict reflects on her past and hopes for a new life. Opens May 8 and runs to May 18, Thu-Sat 8 pm, mat Sun May 18 at 2 pm. $20, stu $15, mat pwyc. The Box Studio, 89 Niagara.