KNOTS – Toronto Fringe 2016 Press Release

From press release

Knots is a theatrical collage of movement, music, and text, which asks: what is a knot? How do knots manifest in our politics, our culture, and our lives? Jake and Lucy wrestle with this puzzle and realize that some tangles can’t be untied.

Knots are everywhere. We use them to tie our shoes; we use them to hoist our sails. They tie up our everyday lives, and we can’t live without them. This show asks: what are the knots we can’t see? We discover the knots in relationships and in individuals, and that knots that can be humorous, surprising, and merciless. It is only when we recognize the intangible knots in our personal lives that we can begin to untie them, a task that may take us weeks, years—perhaps our entire lives.

Vocative Theatre was created by Lucy Meanwell and Jake Runeckles because the Toronto Fringe told them they had to have a company name in order to participate. These youngsters are new to the Fringe circuit, and every bit as hungry to produce their first show. One might think, “a green duo performing at the Factory Mainspace? They must be crazy!” They are.


  • June 29th at 6:30 PM
  • July 1st at 1:15 PM
  • July 3rd at 4:45 PM
  • July 5th at 10:30 PM
  • July 7th at 12:00 PM
  • July 9th at 8:00 PM
  • July 10th at 2:15 PM


  • Knots plays at the Factory Theatre. (125 Bathurst St)
  • Tickets are $10 at the door, $12 in advance. The festival also offers a range of money-saving passes for serious Fringers.
  • Tickets can be purchased online, by telephone (416-966-1062), from the Fringe Club at Honest Ed’s Alley, and — if any remain — from the venue’s box office starting one hour before curtain.
  • Be aware that Fringe performances always start exactly on time, and that latecomers are never admitted.

Photo of Jake Runeckles and Lucy Meanwell by Michael Wood