Cringe (Champagne Boyfriend) 2021 Toronto Fringe Review

In Cringe (playing at the 2021 Toronto Fringe Festival), solo performer Sam Roulston has cobbled together 25 minutes of sketches which touch on a variety of subjects. The pandemic is a major throughline, as is Roulston’s queerness.

And there is some great work in here. His take on pandemic birthday greetings is fresh and relatable, he does interesting character work as a daffy agent and a querulous barista, and a musical tribute to the sartorial tastes of artsy queers shows what he can do when he lets his instincts run with an idea.

My pick for his strongest moment would be a zingy little striptease, where his craft as a comedian really comes to the fore. The big challenge with striptease is that each new reveal has to be an escalation: the energy has to build and build and then hit a climax at exactly the right moment. In this segment, Roulston’s firing on all cylinders as a performer and as a creator. He absolutely earns his payoff.

But as someone who’s seen a lot of Fringe comedy shows by a lot of gay men, two of the longer sketches (one about straight women in gay bars, the other about the secret urges of country singers) felt very familiar. This is by no means an accusation of plagiarism, I’m only suggesting that this ground is pretty well-trodden. If you’re going to break through on these topics, you need a supremely original take, and I wasn’t seeing it here.

I still think you should see this show, especially if you’re not as picky as I am. Roulston has a a charming, breezy tone which often lets him sneak surprises into his material: the best punchlines are usually the ones you weren’t expecting, and he knows this better than most.


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Photo of Sam Roulston provided by the company.