Preview: acts of faith (Factory Theatre)

Natasha Mumba staing with arms outspread in front of a window

acts of faith – a Factory Theatre production – is playing online on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, December 2, 3 and 4, 2021 at 7:30 PM. Tickets are free of charge! You do have to register.

Playwright David Yee wrote acts of faith during the pandemic with the intent that the audience would watch it remotely. I saw it last year and it was the first play I saw that had been written and staged for a virtual audience. It was an exciting introduction to the possibilities of digital theatre and made me hope that theatre companies would keep developing digital pieces, even after the pandemic.

From the Factory Theatre site “From the African Copperbelt to the back woods of Muskoka, acts of faith tells a story about the power of belief, the disillusionment of youth and the eternal struggle between good and evil. The story follows Faith, a young woman who gets mistaken for a prophet. When a revered religious leader attempts to take advantage of her plight, she begins using her ‘gift’ to right wrongs and punish the wicked. Far from home, Faith will come up against the ultimate test of her convictions in a final confrontation between sin and sainthood, morality and godliness.”

Natasha Mumba is Faith and her performance is extraordinary. Nina Lee Aquino’s direction is always marvellous.

If you missed acts of faith last year, you have another chance to see it. Three chances. You should grab one of them.


Content Warning – acts of faith contains adult content that some audience members may find disturbing

Photo of Natasha Mumba by Dahlia Katz