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A man stumbles into a bar, and we are drawn into his quest to remember who he is and why he is there. When his wife and best friend appear, clues start to trickle like drops of paint on a canvas.   A mysterious video helps to flesh out a portrait of betrayal and regret, but also descends us deeper down the rabbit hole, into the very nature of life…and death.

“The Contract” merges video and live theatre into a seamless and captivating representation of a suicide victim in his afterlife struggling through painful recollections brought on by his post-life review.  This dramatic play/film hybrid reflects emerging modern beliefs about the afterlife and the ‘agreements’ that human souls make prior to incarnating.

Playwright Richard Enos is a true Renaissance man and pursuer of truth.  A writer, director, actor and transformational coach, his books include “Parables for the New Conversation”, published in 2008.  More info is available at’s Box Office is a film and theatre production company. Their first film, “In the Can”, is a short comedy that takes place in a bathroom during a wedding reception. Their second film, “Wailing at the Wall” is currently in post-production.

“The Contract” is a mesmerizing multimedia mystery that you won’t forget in this life… or the next one.

Pandora’s Box Office
in association with The Toronto Fringe Festival presents
The Contract 
written by Richard Enos
directed by Brandon Gillespie
starring Dan Fox (Russell), Jessica Allen (Janet), Naomi Tessler (Eleanor), Richard Enos (Rodney)
stage managed by Wayne Lee
filmography and sound by Bryan Kowalsky and Chris Stewart
Opens July 6 to July 15Cameron House, 408 Queen Street West
The bar will be open for drinks.


July 06 03:30 PM
July 07 03:30 PM
July 08 03:30 PM
July 12 03:30 PM
July 13 03:30 PM
July 14 03:30 PM
July 15 03:30 PM

Ticket Prices:$10

Tickets:Available at or at the door